UGEARS brand is now officially launched in Slovenia and Croatia

UGEARS brand is now officially launched in Slovenia and Croatia. UGEARS - unique mechanical wooden models designed for easy-assembly without glue.

UGEARS - the best present which can be given to a friend and an amazing gift you'll want to keep for yourself.
There is something so special about gathering with your family and friends in warmth and comfort of home to create a mechanical miracle with your very own hands. You never realize how fascinating it is until you look at a completed model and a joint pastime is the way to make sure those memories are cherished and remembered.

Assembling these innovative moving mechanisms may be an unusual start to a holiday, or an alternative form of entertainment for all ages, or an exploration of a new hobby, or the birth of a new collection.

UGEARS 3D wooden models and puzzles schemes are real educational and engineering tutorials.

Appreciate the distinctive satisfaction that creating your own piece of art with UGEARS products evokes.

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